About Us

Who is Juba?

It’s our name. It’s our brand.
So, we put a lot on the line every time we go to work.

A leading provider of materials and labor for commercial glass and glazing, aluminum panel, and custom curtain wall and storefront projects, Juba Aluminum delivers on a promise of excellence. It’s what our clients expect. It’s what we expect of ourselves.

Personally, and professionally, we take pride in our work and in our enduring relationships. Clients turn to Juba when the job requires a specialist, one who shares the same uncompromising standards and the same goals of innovation and performance. Our mutually beneficial partnerships are rooted in the exchange of ideas that ensure success and protect the reputations of both our client’s company and ours.

We strive to get it right the first time.

We’ve learned from many years of experience and our work showcases our best practices. The secret is in the details. Because of our scheduling, we’re proactive in cost efficiencies. Because of our safety programs, we ensure safety on the job. And because of our ethical up-front pricing policies, clients can be sure that there are no hidden costs or problems that may drive up prices at the end of a project.

More than an installer, Juba is an essential part of the interactive planning process. We provide scope checklists that allow owners and contractors to compare and evaluate every service by every sub. Staying on time and on budget is our top priority. We customize our wall systems, avoiding the waste of generic systems that require the installation of extra materials. At each step, Juba strives to save our client’s money by delivering the highest quality at the best possible price.

Our value to our clients lies in the knowledge of what works, what doesn’t, what’s possible, and what’s a waste of time.

When Juba joins a project team, the pieces simply fit together. We’ve created a niche for ourselves in working with the pre-construction team in the design-development phase. We offer viable solutions that best suit the specifics of each project. As a result, we build trust with our clients, who know they can turn to us for service that consistently goes the extra mile

Juba Aluminum Products was established in 1993 by John Juba. With 29 years in business, our expertise includes:

  • Site-built and Prefabricated Aluminum Curtain Walls
  • Aluminum Entrances
  • Aluminum Windows
  • Aluminum Panels
  • Glass
  • Granite Panels
  • Ornamental Metals
  • Skylights
  • Canopies
  • Louvers
  • Terracotta

We perform work in the Southeast including, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, & Alabama.

Juba brings a family tradition and a rich legacy of service to each project we undertake.

Owner John Juba began his industry career in 1970 as a glass fabricator. He founded Juba Aluminum Products in 1993 to prove that in the construction industry, bigger isn’t always better. Juba has grown into a talented family of individuals who enjoy working together for a common goal. Each employee compliments the strengths of the others. The values on which our company was founded – humility, loyalty, honesty, integrity and respect – are just as apparent today. These qualities extend from our internal structure and are integral to our relationships with project teams, suppliers, vendors, owners and contractors. We simply won’t do business any other way.

Juba adds value to project dollars.

We’re always on the lookout for innovative ways to trim costs and increase the value of our services. We fulfill the aesthetic intent of architects and owners by devising visionary engineering options that work for the project while keeping materials and labor to a minimum. With our breadth of knowledge and industry experience, we’re able to evaluate mechanical requirements and provide cost-effective wall systems. From a project’s start to finish, Juba works tirelessly to meet schedule demands. Time is money, and we’ve built our business on saving both for our clients.

How do we measure success? In many ways.

At Juba, we’re constantly monitoring the level of our service. During the building process and after, we use benchmarking methods to evaluate and improve performance and processes. By comparing statistical data, we can determine efficiency and maintain quality standards. We extend our team concept to include our suppliers and vendors. The resulting synergy makes each experience rewarding and each project a monument to true teamwork.

When we meet or exceed the expectations of the owner and project team…when we provide the highest possible value for the dollar…when we create an environment that fosters creative and positive solutions…then, and only then, can we say we’ve succeeded.

Even with our steady growth, Juba’s family-oriented business model has remained unchanged through the years.

We do business the same way today as the day we first started. Along with the best value, Juba offers the most attentive, responsive service in the industry. Simply put, we’re here to achieve excellence with the people who count on us. And like our projects, this is a legacy that stands the test of time.

Juba Aluminum Products

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Concord, North Carolina 28027


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